Mekapati Vikram Fires TDP, Allied Yellow Media's Fake Propaganda

31 Mar, 2023 17:57 IST|Sakshi Post
YSRCP MLA M Vikram Reddy

NELLORE: Atmakuru YSRCP MLA Mekapati Vikram Reddy reacted strongly to the malicious propaganda by the opposition TDP campaign that he was going to change the party fold. In a scathing remark, Vikram Reddy said that instead of ' shouting like stray dogs they should post correct news and information. He said that for any decision I call Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and take his support. He also expressed confidence that the YSRCP will win all the seats in the district in the coming elections.

Speaking to Sakshi on Friday Vikram Reddy dismissed such rumours and stated that if his uncle M Chandrasekhar Reddy left the YSRCP party and also his family name, he would eventually know what his power is and that the action would be initiated against anyone if they cross the party line.

The YSRCP MLA made it clear that Mekapati's family will always be with CM YS Jagan and follow him. Unable to have the guts to face him directly, the TDP was campaigning against him using his allied media. Vikram Reddy said that CM Jagan's position in the hearts of the people could not be wrested no matter who tries to …whether it’s the TDP or the yellow media, he stated

Mekapati Vikram Reddy, in response to the developments in the district, exuded confidence that the YSRCP will win ten out of ten seats in the Nellore district in the 2024 elections and give it as a gift to CM YS Jagan.

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