Highlights of AP CM YS Jagan’s Meeting with PM Modi In Delhi

17 Mar, 2023 15:58 IST|Sakshi Post

CM Jagan asks PM Modi to clear Rs.2600.74 crore Polavaram bills

Telangana DISCOMS yet to pay Rs.7,058 crore to AP: CM Jagan requests PM Modi's intervention

CM Jagan reiterates special category status request to PM Modi

New Delhi: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed various issues pertaining to the state including the pending funds from the Centre, granting of special status, and other issues on Friday.

Highlights of CM Jagan’s discussion with PM Modi

1. It has been nine years since the partition of the state. Many bilateral issues related to AP and Telangana states remain unresolved. I request you to pay immediate attention to these.

2. A committee headed by the Central Finance Secretary has been constituted on the issues mentioned in the Andhra Pradesh Repartition Act. The committee has already made several rounds of discussions and made some progress. I bring to your notice that all the important points are still pending.

3. Rs.36,625 crore is pending under resource gap funding for the financial year 2014-15. The central government said as a witness in Parliament that it will fund the resource gap. I request to release of these funds immediately and give appropriate instructions to the concerned departments.

4. State borrowing limits are now restricted because the previous government used borrowing beyond the limit. Although this government is not at fault, they have also reduced the loan limit given as per the norms. A debt ceiling of Rs 42,472 crore was provided in 2021-22 and reduced by Rs 17,923 crore in the subsequent period. The Center took this decision during the economic disaster created by the Covid pandemic. I request you to intervene in this matter and take a positive decision.

5. The state government is moving forward with great determination in the Polavaram project. The construction of the project is going on to fulfill the long-standing wish of the people of Andhra Pradesh. This project will become a reality within a short time if the central government provides adequate support for this project. The results will be available to the public. The state government has spent Rs.2600.74 crore from its treasury for the construction of the Polavaram project. These have been pending for the last two years. I request that appropriate directions be given for immediate payment of these dues.

6. Polavaram Project Estimates by Technical Advisory Committee is Rs. 55,548 crores. It is requested to approve immediately.
7. I appeal to consider drinking water supply as a part of the Polavaram project and to relax component-wise rules in the construction of the project.

8. I appeal that the Polavaram project flood victims be compensated as soon as possible. I would like to bring to your notice that as the delay increases, the cost of the project increases. Delays can be avoided if this assistance is provided to flood victims in a DBT manner.

9. I would like to request an ad hoc sanction of Rs.10 thousand crores to advance the construction of the Polavaram project more rapidly.

10. Dues from Telangana DISCOMS to AP Genco remain the same. Rs.7,058 crore is due for electricity supplied from June 2014 to June 2017. I request them to be given immediately.

11. Lack of rationality in the selection of beneficiaries under the National Food Security Act is causing grave injustice to the State. Due to this, the state government is giving ration to 56 lakh families who are not covered under the PMGKY program. It has to bear the burden of around Rs.5,527 crores. In this regard, NITI Aayog has also decided that Andhra Pradesh's plea is correct and they want to take appropriate action. I request that the central government should allocate the unutilized ration quota to the state.

12. Centre has promised special status at the time of the bifurcation of the state. This results in grants and tax concessions to the state. Financially, the state government will benefit. Apart from large-scale industries, the service sector will also expand. It helps the state to move towards self-reliance. I appeal to give special status to the state.

13. We made 13 districts into 26 districts in the state. The district has a population of approximately 18 lakhs. Including the three newly sanctioned medical colleges, there are only 14 in total. I request permission to be granted to the remaining 12 colleges as soon as possible. The work related to these colleges is progressing very fast. I request the Center provide appropriate assistance in this regard.

14. The Center has promised to set up a steel plant in the YSR Kadapa district in the AP Repartition Act. I appeal to AP MDC to allocate mines without a shortage of minerals to sustain this plant.

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