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CM Jagan's Speeches: Strike Chords With Masses, Induce Fear for TDP, Jana Sena

21 Feb, 2024 12:39 IST|Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's speeches are garnering an overwhelming reception, with a sea of people voluntarily thronging to CM Jagan's Siddham meetings. The latest Siddham meeting in Raptadu, with over 1.2 million attendees, turned out to be the highest-ever crowd attending a public meeting in the two Telugu states.

CM Jagan's speeches, in particular, are a massive hit. Brimming with rhetoric and clever one-liners, they are capturing significant attention. He has showcased his three finest speeches at the Siddham meetings held in Bheemili, Denduluru, and Raptadu.

From his entrance to his full speech to his exit from the meetings, impeccable planning and execution are evident throughout. Chief Minister Jagan made unique references to Lord Krishna and Arjuna, and even described opponents as 'Dusthachastutyam'. The YSRCP chief emphasized Chandrababu's age and the decline of the TDP. He questions how the people ousted the TDP from power in the previous elections and urges them to repeat the action. Additionally, his Chandramukhi remark has become iconic.

The intriguing comparison among the three election symbols – Fan, Cycle, and Tea Glass – is the best so far and has gone viral. CM Jagan emphasizes his pursuit of a positive vote and implores people to become his star campaigners. He appeals to those who have benefited from his administration to cast their vote for the Fan button. Jagan engages the audience by making his speeches interactive, prompting them to perform certain actions such as tapping the mike, rolling up shirt sleeves, or waving hands in disagreement over Naidu's welfare schemes.

Jagan exudes complete confidence and assertiveness in his speeches, delivered in his distinctive style. Both supporters and opponents eagerly listen to his addresses.

Unperturbed and notwithstanding the soaring temperatures, the crowd patiently sat through the meeting. Only after CM Jagan left the venue did the crowd slowly disperse, indicating their love, affection, and fondness for the mass leader. With this, it is once again proved that CM Jagan is the largest crowd-puller in the Telugu states.

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