23 bn lessons completed on Duolingo in 2023, over 8.4 mn learning Hindi globally

5 Dec, 2023 11:50 IST|Sakshi Post

New Delhi, Dec 5 (IANS) US-based language learning app Duolingo on Tuesday revealed that more than 23 billion lessons were completed on the app in 2023, and over 8.4 million learners are actively studying 'Hindi' on the app.

In its Language Report 2023, Duolingo mentioned nearly one and a half billion hours were spent learning on the app, and more than 32 million people worldwide studied more than one language this year.

Hindi jumped two spots from number 10 in 2022 to number eight in 2023.

In India, Hindi holds a prominent position as the second most popular language among Duolingo's learners, following English, the company said.

"Language serves as the gateway to understanding diverse cultures and fostering meaningful connections. Our insights highlight the evolving landscape of language learning, extending beyond borders and reflecting India's vibrant enthusiasm for embracing new experiences," said Karandeep Singh Kapany, Regional Marketing Director, Duolingo.

On the cusp of 2024, the report unveiled a notable shift in Indian New Year's resolutions.

Language learning is increasingly becoming a priority, with 64 per cent of Indians resolving to prioritise it.

Among these language-learning resolutions, 55 per cent aim for personal growth, self-improvement, or career advancement, while 75 per cent of Indians expressed their commitment to regularly practice their language skills in the new year.

English remained the most popular language to study around the world. It ranked the number one language to study in 122 countries.

In India, the significance of English in education was particularly notable, with 40 per cent of English learners on Duolingo citing education as their primary motivation for language study, the report said.

Additionally, English learners in India completed the most lessons daily, underscoring the language's widespread importance in the country's educational landscape.

The Korean course jumped to number six in global rankings. Korean ranked among the top 10 languages studied in some of the biggest countries globally, including India, where it has grown 75 per cent (year-over-year).

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