Monkey stops trains on Vijayawada - Warangal route

16 Apr, 2015 11:26 IST|Sakshi
Monkey stops trains on Vijayawada - Warangal route

One monkey halted several trains for at least three hours in Vijayawada-Warangal route.

In early hours on Wednesday, all trains in Vijayawada - Warangal route were stalled as the strands of electric pole broke all of a sudden.
All most for three hours, travelers faced problems and technical team struggled to understand the cause of fault. But after rectifying and restoring, officials are shocked to the reason. The reason recorded in CCTV camera's mounted on electrical pole showed how a monkey act made all trains en-route halt.

A goods train stopped at the crossing, when a monkey jumping on from one compartment to other and one wire to other broke the strand carrying electricity. It left the broken strand and continued its jumping act. Before the site officials rushed to the site of error, monkey has already left the place making it a puzzle for technicians of how strands broke. When they finally realised the cause of the problem, they were both surprised and shocked.

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